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FingerMobile Protocol High Score Loyalty program

FingerMobile Protocol High Score Loyalty program


The FingerMobile Protocol High Score Loyalty program, creates a unique loyalty program for all. Helps to Boost and build a community of repeat enthusiastics. Validated Members earn loyalty points by taking actions on the site such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. When they accumulate enough points/Infinite Coins they can redeem rewards such as discount coupons, shop online etc.


FingerMobile chooses how Validated users/members earn points as well as what reward coupons they can redeem. View all current loyalty program participants from the site's dashboard and automatically assign points.


Choosing how validated users/members earn points are based on our business goals.

Loyalty points are awarded to users/members who complete specific actions on the site.


For example, if a member/user is hosting an event and want to encourage people to RSVP, created incentives by offering 50 loyalty points/Infinity Coins to anyone who RSVPs.


Some ways users/members can earn points/Infinity Coins include:

  1. Becoming a site member

  2. Inviting a friend/new Member

  3. Creating and Making a Forum post

  4. Posting a UGC Video

  5. Posting a UGC Photo

  6. Purchasing a store product (T/C Applies)

  7. Booking a session

  8. Placing a restaurant order

  9. Buying an event ticket

  10. RSVPing to an event


Note: The FingerMobile Protocol Loyalty Program is currently only available for FingerMobile Protocol Stores, FingerMobile Protocol Bookings, FingerMobile Protocol Restaurants, and FingerMobile Protocol Events.


The FingerMobile Protocol Loyalty Program offers rewards that excite users/members and encourage them to purchase again.


Rewards are coupons that users/members receive when they earn enough points/Infinity Coins.

When users/members earn enough points to redeem a reward, they see it in their My Rewards page on your site as well as an automated email.  users/members click Get Coupon and copy a code to apply at checkout.

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