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Transform your business securely. Your password, business or private information including Credit Cards are private and securely encrypted when sent on our platforms. Engage audiences, accelerate sales and drive better customer support outcomes on the platform with users from all around the world. FingerMobile Protocol supports all types of businesses from large to small, see which product best fits your needs.

FingerMobile Protocol Mobile Applications

The FingerMobile Protocol Mobile Application is based on daily requests for an instant/immediate response to Feeds, Comments and a need to share document and other user relevant data at an Instant between friends and family using a Social Messaging Application Interface. FingerMobile Protocol Application also provides real time GPS Location and status reports on a particular Mobile device, a computer system, a particular person, Contacts, other relevant data like Audio, Video and Images and at network sites. The FingerMobile Protocol Application was created to solve the need of users who want to share information on other users of the same shared network while maintaining an unbreakable network security without the need for unpermitted exposure. The term "Finger" has a definition of "to identify" after the idea that people would run their fingers down the Who/Contact list to find who or what they were looking for.

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