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FingerMobile Protocol®™©

FingerMobile Protocol Communication Company®™©

FingerMobile Protocol®™©




We have the pleasure to present you with FingerMobile Protocol Communication Company®™© (FingerMobile Protocol®™©, FingerMobile®™©, FingerProtocol®™©) an indigenous company (100% local content), a non-partisan, non-political, non-religious organization, a subsidiary of GraceLink Business Technologies Group (GLBT-NG®™©) since 2011; made up of astute professionals, headed by a set of well experienced Directors and Management staff.


FingerMobile Protocol®™© development idea started in the April 2016 with 18 employees at the time of inception and operated from Abuja, Lagos and maintained a business office in Wilmington, Delaware United States of America. Over the last 1 year, FingerMobile Protocol®™© has consistently grown, and now has a total of two (2) branches located in Abuja & Lagos and currently have Six (6) permanent employees and eight (8) processional ad-hoc/temporary staff on a case need basis. With it’s signature Identity as FingerMobile Protocol®™©; FingerMobile Protocol®™©, started its operational test run on the 18th, November 2021., and already has over Two Million plus page views and still climbing extremely at an aggressive rate and has expanded geometrically faster than ever anticipated for a new social media platform of its type.

FingerMobile Protocol®™© is a Photo & Short Video sharing Blockchain Platform with a Trendy Urban & Nostalgic Art Appeal, founded by the GraceLink Business Technologies Group (GLBT-NG®™©). A brand new innovation that has come out of years of experienced research, dedication to media, entertainment, sights, sounds and information, with the fresh breadth of resources and attention to detail that influence behaviors and attitudes of global consumers’, driving them towards progressive positive ends. Validated and Premium Users can trade Ethereum, Crypto, Earn and exchange FingerMobile Protocol Infinite Coins; Enjoy Manifest Newsfeeds, Earn Photo Credits, Validated users Join Dating/Relationship Forums/Groups, Choose various Plans - Pricing and Shop on the Marketplace & StoreFront, OwnIt®™© Drop Stores. 


FingerMobile Protocol®™© is already strongly representing itself positively on the global Social Media space worldwide with dedicated structures, converging the Infotainment, Edutainment space and the trending Urban Vybe with the Love of Art & Culture, Diversity and Gender Inclusion in the global entertainment beauty of Lifestyle Business Hospitality, and Movies at the same time on one Social Media platform and made available to user enabled computer systems, pda’s, windows-androids-ios devices to deliver premium services worldwide. Wherein, FingerMobile Protocol®™©, users have access to state-of-the-art Info-Edu-Documentary-Entertainment in all aspects of social media, changing the way users access and view social media forever!


Validated users generate/create, trade their own contents, access Dancia-4Tv®™©, PhotoCredits®™©, MarketPlace®™©and Store-listings, BeatwaveNG®™© to stream unlimited music videos, download or watch 4k quality box office movies from the best of Nollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood and Korean movies on Dancia-4tv®™©.


FingerMobile Protocol®™© Validated Users earn Infinite Coins, chat/message, join private/public dating & relationship forums/groups and the C-connect., users stay in touch with their friends and family, keep up with daily News-feeds giving SME’s promote their businesses online.


FingerMarketPlace®™© FingerMobile shorts®™© discover, create, record and share short entertaining videos to express their creativity in short videos of up to 60 seconds or more. Securely Trade their NFT’s via Folders on a OTC & P2P Ethereum Block-Chain. Images/videos and contents (NFT’s) as seen on the FingerMobile protocol®™© platform are subject to copyright of their respective owners and are displayed for admiration and financial purposes only, especially to lovers of Youth Centric and Nostalgic Art lovers.  


FingerMobile Protocol®™© generally gives users a way to distribute content between a creator and the audience., giving creators enough ownership to choose how their contents are shared, used, distributed and monetized. FingerMobile Protocol®™© is purely intended and solely specializes in using the Block-Chain system as a business to help creators make enough to “earn livelihoods” and “spark new careers.”


REWARDS: Through Google Adsense and Google Admob, Hundreds of companies advertise on our official website and FingerMobile Protocol®™© Mobile Apps while SME’s and Users market their products/services on the various outlets channels of FingerMobile Protocol®™© as multiple users visit App pages and site pages to follow various business journeys and success stories.


The FingerMobile Protocol®™© High Score Loyalty Program pays users for engaging and creating contents. The more engagement the created contents get, the more the user earns FingerMobile Protocol®™© Infinite Coins. FingerMobile Protocol®™© wants users to stick around for FingerProtocol®™© to sell and make advertising money. Therefore, FingerMobile Protocol®™© in-turn pay creators a sum token for helping in that mission (The FingerMobile Protocol®™© High Score Loyalty Program).

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