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Mbah Redice Obinna

A lot of people have asked me; "who are you?, RedIce", and "How do u do it?";


You’re mostly like a double of you always.

A different You is mostly calm and yet deep down appears very extremely informed and with a very controlled action to things. Then some times if not most, there’s this shy you who never talks but very witty, soft hearted, kind to people, brilliant in almost every way possible.


“I truly don't see challenges, just great opportunities in every situation. 

Then I slowly build (yes , very true, I am never ever in a hurry) a concept that i believe can work around the situations I see, then I Test it, Test it and Test it and then share my results with like minds, hear and note down their opinions, then I change my modus further to adapt to the present environment and economy of today, trends and the ICT innovations of tomorrow, then I review its political consequences and how to build it into the new business models that I have set up.”


As for me, I am convinced that a man with a plan is greater and a Hundred times going to always be far better than a sane rich man without a plan and my religion also has taught me if you can’t make 10% out of 1% then even if you’re given $1,000,000.00 Dollars you’d soon bury it in waste and have nothing to show for it soon enough. 

From my past, terrible mistakes have been nothing but experiences and I’ve learned the very hard way so now, before I call for funds in anything i do, I first work my capital expenditure (capex) projections around “nothing at all” in the first 3-6 months of every new project, and I then also work “without” an Operations Expenditure (Opex) till I have a solid base to make a great Financial Projection.


Because this is the only way to truly identify those persons that are with you for you and for the long ride and those people/leaches who are there because the grass is just greener where you are at that very moment they are hungry. 


Then after countless analysis of the issues I see, I create a base and a hard foundation for my operations, then i strategize my structure and go further to build a formidable airtight Opex, Work Hard alone at it first to make sure I at least test it for failures and then Hire or provisionally engage a great staff (the one who can be Loyal then I purposely test them to the brink of no return).


When I am finally convinced that they are here out of passion and for the long ride, I staff them and pay them handsomely that money would flirt with them no more and I also work with the staff with love and affection until they show me they aren't worth my loyalty, dedication and affection and this is only because I Don't ever get sentimental or judgmental. 


I also Keep and work with the 5 major principles of successful businesses. However, my best principle remains the first rule in the art of war which is, There are and must be rules to every engagement, so define everything from the start., my second best principle is that “the best war is the one very war you aren't ever physically involved in.” 


Wait and Never engage first this are the best kills from the best predators and I’ve learned to walk a way, wait, wait and act later it ruins your enemies even better. I don’t ever forget but even when i do, I don’t forget the persons name because I am absolutely sure that ‘humans are used to revenge as they mostly believe it is always to be better and easier.


I never be in a hurry to decide but I keep in mind that time won't ever wait for me, so I wake up daily and see only the failures around me, because it will make me work tirelessly to bring unified sustainable solutions to the very foreseen and unforeseen problems and then i execute my planned solutions in strategic stages even ever before the issues or problems ever comes or occurs. I also don’t ever have any expectations especially from humans, as people are bound to change!


I never be selfish, greedy or stingy. Then I always Smile at my enemies because it drives them crazy. I dislike proud and arrogant people and I daily put God Almighty over everything i plan to do or do, and I pray always and I never forget where i am from is entirely different from most with me for the secrets I hold about time amazes even me. 


Finally I sleep less and I trust very few.


This is me, Mbah RedIce Obinna in a nutshell.

Name: Mbah Redice Obinna.

Title: Principal Chief Technical Operating Officer (PCTOO).

Organization: GraceLink Business Technologies Limited for the GraceLink Business Technologies Group (GLBT-NG).


- Over 15 years of experience as PCTOO at GraceLink Business Technologies Group.
- Over 18 years of experience managing financial engineering, banking, and corporate finance businesses across multiple jurisdictions in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North America.
- Expertise in financial control, complex product accounting, technology business operations, human capital development, and more.


- Financial engineering and banking.
- Corporate finance and governance.
- Technology business operations and management.
- Human capital development and training.
- Compliance and risk management.
- Information technology and cybersecurity.
- Global trade and administration.
- Leadership and strategy.

Industry Expertise:

- Financial services and banking.
- Technology and fintech.
- Oil and gas.
- Education.
- Telecommunications and wireless networking.
- Broadband and Cybersecurity.



- Not specified, but likely a degree in a field such as finance, economics, or business administration.



- Renowned for driving transformative solutions across Africa.
- Maintains high corporate governance standards and ensures global best practices and industry standards.
- Has played a crucial role in facilitating key national and international collaborations with prominent institutions.


Other info:

- Seasoned venture capitalist with expertise in corporate and commercial law advisory, dispute resolution, and doing business advisory.
- Analytical industrial business strategist with expertise in developing advanced surveillance solutions for defense, national security, and counter-terrorism.


Я всегда ищу новые и захватывающие возможности. Давайте подключимся.


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