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FingerMobile Protocol®™©
(FingerProtocol®™©, FingerMobile®™©, Finger®™©).

A Trendy Social Media Platform founded by the
GraceLink Business Technologies Group (GLBT-NG).,

where Members share timeless photos experiences & short video moments. 

With a robust Plans-Pricing, only Verified Members enjoy the quarterly or biannually or the Biennial fat HighScore and Loyalty revenue bonuses on their PhotoCredits®™©, with automated giveaways through User Generated Content monetization, Members earn additional income from their Gallery Folders and shared manifest and news-feeds Polls. 

Verified users can sell/buy shop and trade their own products and services on the Marketplace & StoreFront, stream 4k Cinema quality Nollywood, Bollywood & Hollywood Block buster teasers and movies on Dancia-4Tv®™©, enjoy trending high quality music videos on BeatwaveNG®™©.

The FingerProtocol®™© mission is to provide a safe, secure and enjoyable platform for users to share their experiences, express themselves and freely connect with other like-minds in more advantageous meaningful ways. FingerMobile Protocol®™© does not contain anything egregious including adult content, copyright infringement. 

FingerMobile Protocol®™© also installed keywords and content filters (such as adult content, pay-to services, hacking content, gambling content, etc.), especially on pages containing user-generated content. As FingerMobile Protocol®™© continues to grow and innovate, we strive to be the world’s most reliable and user-friendly social media service. 

Security: FingerMobile Protocol®™© (additional STERC®™©, NTERD®™© and PRO-MPT®™© 256bit security) end-to-end encryption is used when users communicate and exchange information with one another or with other users. This End-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you're communicating with can read or listen to what is sent, and nobody in between, not even FingerMobile Protocol®™© or anyone else can intercept or break into it.

The key difference is that every profile is tied to a wallet address. Essentially a social graph, keeping user profiles on-chain, following relationships on the same chain and creating a permissioned way to distribute user content between a creator and the audience.

FingerProtocol®™© is excited to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities within the social media space. Join us today!, share your moments and experiences and be a huge part of the FingerMobile Protocol®™© revolution and let's change the world together, one day at a time.

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