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Member Verification

Are you Authentic Trustworthy and Credible:

Your account must represent a real person, a registered business, or entity with verifiable identity.


Are you Authentic: Your account must represent a real person, a registered business, or entity.


Unique: Your account must be a unique presence of the person or business it represents. Only one account per person or business can be verified, with exceptions for language-specific accounts.

Verification criteria: Before submitting a request, ask yourself if your account meets FingerMobile Protocol®™© verification criteria as only one account per person or business can be verified any user with multiple account will be delisted and blocked or even deleted permanently.


However, with exceptions for language-specific accounts. FingerMobile Protocol®™© does not verify general interest accounts (example: meme accounts).

Having that Badge Under your name on FingerMobile Protocol®™© is a sign of authenticity and status.


Seeing established artists, celebrities, influencers, brands and other notable accounts rock the badge can make it seem nearly unattainable for someone just starting out on FingerMobile Protocol®™©.


It may seem difficult, but it’s sure isn’t impossible for a smaller or a brand new account to get verified and we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about our verification process and procedure.


It’s easy to mistake the verified badge as a sign of status, but it’s important to remember why FingerMobile Protocol®™© implemented this system in the first place.

FingerMobile Protocol Verification is a way to make sure people find the “real deal” when searching for a specific public figure or brand.


Basically, if you are not considered “credible and notable” the FingerMobile Protocol®™© platforms will not see a valid reason to put that blue checkmark beside your name.


But there are ways to work your way up to being noteworthy for verification. Let’s get into it.


A verified badge means that “FingerMobile Protocol®™© has confirmed that this is the authentic account for the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.”

To request a verified badge, you must be a public figure, celebrity or brand and meet certain account and eligibility requirements.”


Fill in the required information. Enter your full name and provide the requested form of identification (including a recent and valid government issued photo ID).


Choose your niche to let FingerMobile Protocol®™© know what field you’re known in or for.


Submit the request!


After you have sent in your request, FingerMobile Protocol®™© will make their decision on whether or not you’re eligible for verification and this can take up to 90 days.

The key to FingerMobile Protocol®™© is to give people a compelling reason to follow you. Be authentic, stay active and be inventive with how you use all of FingerMobile Protocol®™© posting features like FingerStatus®™©, Publicitee®™©, FingerReels®™©, FingerShorts®™©, Stories and Dancia-4Tv®™©, BeatwaveNg®™©, PhotoCredits®™© and other features and elements.


Establish your personal brand and use our SEO. Define your niche. If you’re an artist, find other qualities you can share online along-side your music.


Example: how you make a beat, your sense of humor, what you’re up to day-to-day or just sharing more of your personality through your posts.

Get coverage in articles and blogs. Being featured in any major publications, interviews or respected articles will greatly increase your chances of being approved.

Different Badges comes with different fees and various perks and accesses and features not available to basic and premium users.

Upon your status approval a Pay -Link will be sent to you by FingerMobile Protocol to make your Payments by the FingerMobile Plans and Pricing page only.

Upon verification of your payment, User will receive the appropriate Verification Badge.

Badges are not a lifetime Badge and does not denote or symbolize any Endorsements, Affiliation, Partnership, Recommendations or Association by FingerMobile Protocol or her express partners.

Prompt Validation


The FingerMobile Protocol®™© Instant Verification.By filling out the below Form and making the direct Bank Payment with your own or through your own bank account, this verifies your identity easily and shows you’re accountable, traceable and trackable. Having met this justification, your account will be verified within a 30 day window.


Based on all the herein above contained, i hereby state to have absolutely Equity Validation Engagement Contract for FingerMobile Protocol®™©.,


Without any prejudice, i hereby agree and acknowledge that by filling this form i absolutely accept the engagement terms and conditions contained without contest howsoever.


I irrevocably agree and give my consent that FingerMobile Protocol or its officers shall not be held liable for any liabilities arising from granting this verification request and executing this instruction.

I hereby give my consent for listed Guarantor and Referee as to be contacted where i am alleged liable for any financial loss, fraudulent, including false representation/misrepresentation, theft/misuse of company name, loss/damage of IPR or Property whensoever, wheresoever, whatsoever and howsoever,.


I absolutely irrevocably acknowledge and agree to be referred to appropriate legal authority and law enforcement agency’s for investigation, prosecution in a court for full repayments plus interest and attorney fees if ever found guilty.


I hereby complete the form and have attached the required documents to apply for the verification process as filled with FingerMobile Protocol®™© forthwith.

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