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FingerMobile Protocol®™©

Job Application

Based on all the herein above contained, i hereby state to have absolutely disengaged from and all other similar competitive obligations/company engagements/personal business duty’s prior to this GraceLink Business Technologies Group Provisional/Interim Sweat Equity Engagement Contract and offer for FingerMobile Protocol®™©.,


Without any prejudice, i hereby agree and acknowledge the above and absolutely accept the engagement terms and conditions contained and will report to the Admin/HR to resume my duty once contacted.


I hereby complete the form and have attached the required documents to apply for the Provisional position as filled with FingerMobile Protocol®™© forthwith.

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Engagement Note

All Provisional Engagements are for the establishment and provision of Fintech Services, Communication Marketing Services,  Sales Department, Tech Department, ICT Department, Administrative Department, Finance & Audit Department, Operation Department. 


All services offered to you, will cover the scope of the how, where and when and the entire purpose and length of the engagement offer, exclusive or non-exclusive appointment, marketing and promotion materials, product to be distributed, services to be offered & rendered, responsibilities, deliverables, expectations, receivables and compensations.,


Term and Suspension default, recall, meeting call, meeting agendas, dismissals, 3rd party terms & conditions, individual and 3rd party IPL & IPR, individual and 3rd party privacy policies, individual and 3rd party obligations, individual and 3rd party commissions and brokerages where any.


Therefore,  on mutually rewarding terms and teamwork with combined years of experience, together by extending massive domestic and global branding, exposure and experience to the most stylish, fashion-conscious, luxurious, glamorous, Lifestyle Hospitality oriented group of consumers/clients and users of the product FingerMobile Protocol and other GLBT-NG services Worldwide.


Reference your application letter, and your subsequent discussions with the Principal Chief Technical Officer of the GraceLink Business Technologies Group., and the subsequent pending approval by the Board,

The GraceLink Business Technologies Limited Business Technologies Group are pleased to offer you a Provisional Engagement in any of the above open positions:-

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